Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yamaha FZ150i Technology

DiASil Cylinder

Effect(User Benefits)
(1) Maintenance-free - Because of the outstanding hardness of the DiASil cylinder wall, there is a substantial reduction in abrasion compared to a steel sleeve cylinder. (A reduction of 2 to 3 times according to Yamaha tests.) This eliminates the need for costly maintenance like sleeve replacement.
(2) Reduced oil consumption - Unlike a steel sleeve which is engraved with fine grooves to facilitate oil lubrication, the DiASil cylinder is given a surface treatment that helps maintain an ideal oil film on the cylinder wall and thus reduces oil consumption.
(3) Improved fuel economy - Because the cylinder, piston and surrounding parts are all made of aluminum, cooling is quick and efficient. This prevents heat-induced deterioration of engine performance and ensures ideal combustion efficiency.

Forged piston

Effect(User Benefits)
(1) Lower vibration - The lighter piston means smaller reciprocating mass when the piston is in motion, which in turn means that less vibration is produced. For the rider, this means a more comfortable ride with less vibration. (The engine's rigid mount system also contributes to lower vibration. This also contributes to better response.)
(2) Outstanding reliability - Because high-strength aluminum alloy can be used, the forged pistons are more reliable.

4-valve engine

Effect(User Benefits)
(1) Plenty of power at lower speeds - A 15occ displacement was chosen to ensure plenty of usable power at lower speeds. This means better performance in city riding and in traffic jams.
(2) Enjoyable acceleration feeling - A 4-valve (2 intake, 2 exhaust) SOHC format is adopted. This helps produce optimum supply of air-fuel mixture in the mid- to high-speed range, which in turn enables strong acceleration performance.